Healing with Crystals

Words and imagery by Emma Mulholland.

healing with crystals

Part 1 of this blog post will cover why it’s beneficial to work with crystals, what some of those benefits are and details of my favourite recommended online stockists. Part 2 will focus on some suggested ways on how to work with crystals, look at what a crystal grid is and provide you with a simple ritual to try.

I have been fascinated by crystals and esoteric subjects since I was a teenager, but my interest really took off after having my first child just over two years ago.

I needed something just for me, and my desire to work with Spirit intensified as I slowly dipped my toe back into the waters of all things spiritual. It is as though something about becoming a mother ignited a fierce desire to work on healing myself and issues from my past with the assistance of sacred tools and knowledge, in order to prepare myself for working with and serving others. Crystals are a huge part of this unfolding journey for me, and I could not authentically write anything about the reasons which have led to my working with crystals on a daily basis without mentioning the support and encouragement I have received from Katie-Jane of Crystal Muse along the way. I have provided some information about Katie-Jane and the services she offers at the end of this post.

So, why work with crystals? Crystals are an enormously powerful connection to Mother Earth / Gaia / Pachamama (whatever you prefer to call Her); to me, they are Her treasures and a gift from Her to us. Each one is so unique (rather like each and every one of us), and their properties vary widely. Crystals cannot miraculously solve all of your problems, but what they can assist with, if used with love and focused intention, is serving as incredibly helpful sacred tools. The phrase ‘sacred tools’ carries a great deal of importance to my mind because that’s exactly what crystals are: tools. The power first and foremost lies within YOU; crystals cannot do all the work for you!

healing with crystals

In terms of the benefits, I have found that certain stones seem to fit well with family life and for supporting me in specific situations. For example, my son has a raw blue calcite and a rose quartz point safely positioned under the head end of his cot bed to help him sleep, and I programmed these to help him feel safe and reassured at night (more on programming to follow in part 2 of this blog post). It of course doesn’t mean to say that every night is blissfully undisturbed, but I have certainly noticed an improvement since placing these two particular crystals there and make sure to cleanse them regularly. Again, I will outline some easy cleansing and recharging techniques in part 2.

Another benefit to working with crystals that I’ve found is that they seem to help with managing my anxiety and bouts of depression/lack of self-belief. I do also take a low dose of anti-depressant medication as part of managing my mental health since having our son, but again, crystals have taken on the role as a form of therapy for me in conjunction with the medication and the support of some absolutely amazing like-minded individuals I have connected with online through Instagram. There are certain stones that I come back to time and again to help me when I am struggling; for example, I sleep with a large chunk of amethyst under my pillow because, on the whole, it really helps me to sleep better. I’ve recently teamed this with a beautiful selenite heart and am pleased to report that this combination seems to work for me (don’t be afraid to experiment: it’s all about what works for you and what is right for your energy, which can change over time and you will notice if the crystals don’t seem to be doing as you intended. It is a case of trusting your instincts on this). Another stone that I would highly recommend keeping close by your bed is a good-quality piece of smokey quartz. This crystal is probably my favourite energetic “filter” in that it has the ability to gently remove negativity from your auric field and is also grounding in a way that isn’t too overly intense, if you program it to do this.

In the next post, I will talk about the use of crystals in other ways; for example, in elixirs (room sprays, roll-ons, aura sprays, wearing them as jewellery). 

crystal healing

 Recommended Online Stockists

I cannot stress the importance of choosing your stockists with care because it is a sad fact that some sellers do not prioritise sourcing ethically-sourced stones (you really can feel the difference after working with crystals for a while) and this does not sit comfortably with me. All of the businesses below I have personal experience of, in that I have bought from them on several occasions and they are always happy to provide information on where their crystals come from, along with videos and photos upon request.

·       Crystal Muse Katie-Jane’s online crystal shop is currently closed while she settles into her new life in the USA, but she hopes to have that back up and running soon. Her crystals are out of this world, and she works with them for a long time before making them available for sale. Katie-Jane also offers healing sessions, mentoring, house and land clearing and support with gifted children: (most of these services are available via Skype).

·       Crystal + Sage Natasha is a wonderful lady and she has some breathtakingly beautiful crystals, including very special pieces of Lemurian Quartz. Based in the UK.

·       Spiritual Planet (and on Instagram). This business is owned by Jan & Stacey and they stock some seriously beautiful and unusual stones. Their website only displays a small selection of their stock but if you contact them, they are extremely helpful in sending you videos of something you are after and they will also try to source for you if you want a particular crystal. I go back to these guys time and again.

·       Serendipity Crystals Kristy stocks a huge range of stones (including rare ones) and many are extremely affordable. Her website is a treasure-trove of information and I love reading her thoughtful descriptions in her crystal A-Z. Kristy also stocks some very pretty gemstone jewellery, and clearly has excellent and long-standing relationships with the suppliers she purchases from.

·       VVitch Mountain (and on Instagram) Amanda is based in New Zealand, but don’t let that stop you if you are based elsewhere because she has some very special crystals; often stones which have just been discovered. Amanda is also really helpful and shipping from New Zealand to the UK only takes around a week.

·       Momoko Momoko is such a sweet and gentle soul and she is always happy to source crystals upon request for you if she can. Check out her Instagram page for dreamy crystal photographs and details of the crystal kits she can offer you.

·       The Colourful Dot (and on Instagram) Laurey has some wonderful stock (not just limited to crystals) and is also the author of a best-selling book, The Inner Beauty Bible, which I highly recommend. 

·       The Crystal Buddha (and on Instagram) A beautiful and mindful business with a shop in Yorkshire, UK, selling crystals, homewares, singing bowls, clothing and much more.

·       Steph’s Semi Precious Gemstones (and on Instagram) Steph has some lovely and very affordable gems, and she is always so helpful.