Healing with Crystals Part 2

Words and imagery by Emma Mulholland.

In this part of the blog, I will talk about some suggested ways to work with crystals, look at what a crystal grid is and provide a simple ritual to try. There will also be a list of recommended heart-centred small businesses that incorporate crystal healing into their offerings.

crystal healing

Ways to work with crystals

I would like to start by returning to the subject of programming your crystals, in order to maximise their full potential in connection with your own intentions and desires. If you are anything like me, the word ‘programming’ instantly conjures up a mental image of some horribly complicated technical process, which immediately feels intimidating: rest assured that I don’t mean anything like that at all! For me, programming is simply a part of getting to know your crystals when you first adopt them, and is also something that can be done at any time throughout their time with you in order to ‘recalibrate’ their purpose, should you wish to change it. 

Everyone has their own ways and views on how to start interacting with a new crystal, but I hope that my method will show you how simple it can actually be. I start by holding the crystal in my left hand for a few moments, then I always feel the instinct to hold it to my heart for another few moments thereafter. Somehow, this feels like I am fostering a deep connection to the stone, and I liken it to giving a friend a hug! I also visualise some Reiki symbols being imprinted into the stone, but that’s certainly not essential and isn’t anything to worry about if you aren’t familiar with these.

The next thing I like to do is light a stick of Palo Santo (please do make sure you buy from an ethical stockist if you choose to work with this Holy wood), and pass the crystal through the smoke whilst holding the intention for the crystal to become cleansed of the energies of anyone who has handled it before arriving with me, and also to effectively ‘reset’ it so that it is clear and ready to be programmed. I then try to tune in and get a feel for what I would like the crystal’s assistance with; for example, if it’s a piece of Rose Quartz, I might want to visualise that the stone has come to me to help me with working on self-love, and I would then ask it to work with me in undertaking this personal healing process. Then…that’s it!

I always find that I will feel drawn to have certain crystals around me on certain days, depending on how I am feeling emotionally, and there is no ‘wrong’ choice in this: move your mind out of the way when you want to select a crystal or crystals to have around you at any given time and just trust your gut instinct.

There are other beautiful ways to incorporate crystals into your everyday life. I like to use room sprays infused with gems: there is an abundance of choice on the market, and I will give details of the creator of the sprays which I currently use in my home and also to spritz in my aura. For example, as I type this, I have used a spray elixir around me that brings me a closer to connection to Merlin (to assist with creativity), and I have used a roll-on on my pulse points, which contains gorgeous-smelling herbs along with crystals in order to connect with the higher realms whilst I write this article. Lastly, I felt drawn to rub a different infusion into my solar plexus to help me with my to-do list, and I am wearing a pendant Scapolite crystal necklace, because I feel as though it’s my “get sh*t done” helper stone! Having said all of this, some days I don’t feel the need to do all of this, it very much depends on how my energy is at any given time.

Crystal grids

“A crystal grid is a way to work with crystals that usually involves a way of arranging them into geometric shapes or patterns...they (the grids) harness the energy of groups of crystals and sacred geometry, to create a shift in energy and bring about the desired change” (words by Ethan Lazzerini). I love Ethan’s concise explanation of what a grid actually is, because if you are completely new to the concept it can be mystifying as to what the point of crystal grids is, beyond being very pretty to look at.

crystal grid

I adore looking at Instagram posts containing stunning crystal grids that other people have made, but for a long time I was too worried to make my own because I was over-thinking it! I was concerned about having exactly the right number of matching crystals, because I am more eclectic in my crystal choices and enjoy collecting many different stones. Most of the grids I was seeing were perfectly symmetrical, and there is a reason for this (sacred geometry), but then I realised that there was nothing wrong with using sacred geometry as the basis for making the grid whilst using the stones I felt drawn to on the grid itself. Hopefully, the photo I have included will give you an example of what I mean. The grid itself is a Cube of Metatron design printed on cardboard, and around it I placed the crystals I chose using nothing more than intuition and intention (I had to deal with some difficult clients and problems on the day I made this grid, and needed some fire in my belly), so I used Pyrite, Carnelian, Citrine, Sodalite, Hematite, clear Quartz and Selenite. I added a Tarot card and candles, along with my Rose Quartz dragon, then used the large clear Quartz wand photographed to ‘activate’ the grid. This is a case of drawing lines with the wand between the Master (central) stone you have chosen and the other crystals on the grid, effectively linking them all together, and setting your intention as to what you would like assistance or support with. This grid was set up on my kitchen table where I was working that day: it goes to show that they don’t necessarily have to be on an altar, although of course that is a wonderful thing to do if you have the space in your home. Flower petals are a beautiful addition to any grid, if you have any fresh flowers in your home and would like to use them up before they have wilted.

A simple ritual

Undertaking rituals can be extremely powerful; but if you are a busy individual juggling work and family life then I know first-hand how hard it can be to find the time to do anything lengthy. This is why I have tried to think of ways to turn everyday activities into a more mindful, ritualistic practice, and one easy way of doing this is to use your bath or shower. A bath is obviously more indulgent in terms of self-care, but if you don’t have time for one then my simple shower ritual may help.

For the shower: take a piece of Rose Quartz and Smoke Quartz and place them in the shower tray, or on the side of your bath if your shower is over this. Stand under the running water, and try to visualise the gentle rays of love and protectiveness which emanate from each of these stones as surrounding you in the space within which you stand. Next, tune into the water as it flows over your whole body. Give thanks to the element of water for its ability to cleanse you and wash away that which no longer serves you, then close your eyes and imagine that there is a brilliant rainbow of light within the water cascading over you. Imagine that it fills you up, and is coursing through each cell in your body whilst clearing away any energetic debris. Open your eyes when you feel ready, and watch the water as it flows down the plug hole; taking with it anything which you no longer need. Before finishing your shower, you might like to add to this by using a salt-based scrub all over your body as salt is an excellent purifier. Again, give thanks to the element of water and your crystals before stepping out of the shower and drying off.

crystal healing ritual

For the bath, I like to use a few handfuls of Himalayan or Epsom salts in the water along with around ten drops of an essential oil (Lavender is my favourite for relaxation purposes). I place my Rose and Smoke Quartz at the foot of the bath, then really feel the warm water surrounding me as a cocoon of rainbow light. Upon emptying the bath, I watch the water as above in the shower, with the same intention of anything which no longer serves me draining away and ultimately going back to the Earth. Sometimes, the Rose Quartz comes into the water with me and I place it on my heart chakra, or my womb. There is no right or wrong with any of this; the point is that you are connecting with your stones, yourself and whatever Higher Power you believe in. Again, flower petals are a really lovely addition to a bath like this because it somehow feels more sacred and indulgent to add a handful in.

I hope you enjoy putting some of my suggestions to use and as always, I am happy to answer any questions you might like to ask.


I have been fortunate enough to come across some wonderful small businesses on Instagram and through word of mouth, and would like to list a few below:

  • Star Ametrine: Roberta makes amazing crystal elixirs, roll-ons and handmade cosmetics.

  • Keshinomi: I am yet to purchase one of Chloe’s beautiful crystal bracelets, but they are firmly on my wish list!

  • Lyra and Atlas: Hayleigh sells pretty macramé hangings and crystal grids which are also made from macramé (another future intended purchase of mine), along with selling some special crystals.

  • Coppermoon: Carved wooden crystal grids and stunning shelves for housing your esoteric tools…very sought-after!

  • Petal and Moss: Stephanie crafts exquisite crystal blends that can be applied to various chakras, and also offers incense blends and a variety of healing services.

  • Geminite Studio: Gemma has custom made several wire-wrapped crystal pendants for me (as photographed): she handpicks her crystals carefully from her local area of Glastonbury and treats them with lots of love and care before creating your necklace.

  • Manifest Your Destiny with Emma: Emma creates the most divine channelled, framed crystal grids which really do subtly alter the energy wherever they are placed in your home.

  • Archangel Studios: creates and stocks an enormous range of gem-infused aura and room sprays and more. My Merlin spray is from this particular small business.