Hormonal Balance - A Deeper Perspective

Words by Laura Holland, author of Your BeUtiful Body.

Both ancient Greek philosophy and the Rig Veda, dating back over three millennia, describe the power of our hormones, or soma, as they refer to them, as a powerful agent of liberation and enlightenment.

The process is described alongside methods of how to release these ‘inner fluids’ in a way that can transform both mind and body.  Fascinatingly, this ancient wisdom explicitly links our hormones, also referred to as the ‘nectar of the god’s’, as our inner transformational forces that we can all tap into and experience a type of alchemy that is uncharted territory in western medicine.

The current perspective of modern endocrinology understands reproduction and behaviour to be controlled by two classes of hormones – steroids and peptides.  However, ancient teachings suggest this control can also be represented, at least metaphysically, by two other significant forces.

Ancient Greek philosophy names these forces as the allegorical god and goddess, Eros and Aphrodite, whilst Eastern medicinal practices refer to yin and yang, and esoteric teachings refer to the masculine and feminine, and solar and lunar forces.

Embracing a holistic perspective by blending the physical and metaphysical, means we can understand that steroids, Eros, yang, masculine and solar energy are all characterized by strength, action and sexual drive.  Whilst, peptides, Aphrodite, yin, feminine and lunar energy are all synonymous with gentleness, nurturing and receptivity.

So, we can choose to view our hormones merely as “biochemicals” affected by our external environment, lifestyle and nutrition, or deepen our perspective and become familiar with the “nectar of the God’s” that are reflecting our internal environment and deepest parts of our Self.

For a long time, especially as a nutritionist, I exclusively focused on an external approach to seeking hormonal harmony.  Whilst I’ve definitely experienced the benefit of using food and herbs as medicine to soothe hormones, I always felt there was more to these mysterious inner fluids that guide oceans of emotion within us.

Hormones are chemically expressing and animating our thoughts and emotions, which are the driving force behind action and behavior.  They are a chemical expression of who we are choosing to Be.

There is more to hormonal balance than meets the eye.  They are messages from the depths of our Being, from our inner Eros and Aphrodite, masculine and feminine energies, with guidance and divine wisdom for an inner Union and dynamic balance that sustains our reproductive forces and behaviors in a way that is aligned with the expression of our highest Self.

If you’re seeking hormonal balance then continue with whatever nutrition and supplementation protocol you feel drawn to, and, consciously delve deep into your inner world and explore how you can powerfully facilitate a Union from within.


laura holland

The ancients were focused on finding the source of these powerful fluids and did so in the centre of the perineum.  The name in Greek further emphasizes this higher meaning, ‘peri’ meaning centre and ‘neuma’ meaning control.

Throughout yogic texts, and in the book ‘Moola Bandha: The Master Key’, the perineum is at the root of kundalini energy, with extensive theory and practice detailing the importance of moola bandha located in the realms of root chakra.  They discovered that its physical contraction has beneficial effects by influencing and maintaining hormonal balance.

A verse taken from the Rig Veda suggests that when consciously contracted, the stimulated muscles of the perineum press against the lower abdominal wall and encourage the release of soma, amrita, ambrosia, living waters or chi.

This action releases the transformational power of hormones, which then influence the individual accordingly.  As explained beautifully by Robert L. Peck in ‘Controlling Your Hormones’, these effects were described as being like “indwelling gods” and the inner fluids are the food, or nectar, to animate these inner gods.

When combined with conscious breath work, contracting the muscles of the perineum enhances the flow of cerebral fluid and energy up the spinal column, activating the pineal and pituitary glands.

The pituitary is the master of the endocrine system, regulating all glands and hormones.  Working consciously with the body to activate and stimulate this inner flow of energy is a beautiful, and powerful way, to connect with your inner God and Goddess and for their unique, dynamic balance to be experienced and expressed.

Daily perineum activation and breath work, 5-10 minutes, according to what feels good for your body, is an excellent way to work with these energies. 

Be conscious and mindful of the impact. There will be change.  The secret is to connect with your inner God and Goddess, and Be still enough to heed their wisdom.