Sirene Women - Georgina Rose Ford

Georgie is a long-time friend and collaborator from Norfolk, UK where I lived for 8 years and originally set-up Sirene Woman. She has been working in women's empowerment and healing for many years and I was first introduced to her as a sound healer. Since then we have shown up for each other continuously through periods of intense spiritual growth and I have photographed her in a number of our pieces which seemed to call her in. 

Below, Georgie tells us about her personal journey, her connection to the land in Norfolk and of course, her favourite Sirene pieces.

sirene woman gertrudis dress

When and why were you called to support women through your work?

It all started in 2015 when I left London and my chaotic, drink and drug-fuelled life to search for deeper truth and connection. I travelled to Bali to nourish and feed my soul, which in turn inspired me to train as a sound healer. The more I worked and connected with the Tibetan singing bowls and my voice, the more I was guided to help support women to free themselves from trauma and blocked energies - particularly working with clearing the womb and heart chakras. It's been a huge journey and every step of the way I have been guided by the Mother. I am fully devoted to the liberation of sexual energy in all beings, but I am specifically passionate about empowering women to step into their sovereignty. It is our BIG work and I believe it is OUR time as women to reclaim our lives and return to our wild truth and power to support the evolution of humanity.

sirene woman Tejita Skirt

Where do you call home? What is special about Norfolk for you?

I am a travelling gypsy at heart, I love to live in different places and I am very much guided by my soul and work. My grandmother was born in Walsingham in Norfolk and I have a very strong connection with mother Mary so my roots are deep here. I love my community and the magical energy that I receive from the land. It's a very special place.

Sirene Woman Rawaii Dress

What is your favourite Sirene Woman piece that you own?

My favourite is the raspberry Freya Dress that I bought from the pop-up you had in Burnham, I love it so much. It's versatile and always makes me feel vibrant!

 Sirene Woman Freya Dress