Sirene Women - Jade Sanchez

Jade Eye Moon has been creating with Sirene Woman since 2020 with imagery and, most recently, a beautiful video of our Venus Gown - produced by her partner Numatik Music with music by Leah Live Free.

Hailing from Cali, she is an indigenous visual media artist with a deep connection to our Earth and the diversity of its cultures. Jade now lives in the Appalachian Forest with her boyfriend and below she tells us a little more about her work and life.


What does dance and movement mean to you?

Dance has showed me how to become what I want to create. For example if I am wanting to step into a certain version of myself, I will create a dance about it or make a performance to a song that embodies the qualities of that version of myself.

If I am ever losing touch with who I am or feeling lost, I will dance to the music that ignites my soul and discover myself again. I will use dance to release certain parts of myself, the darker, deeper, depths of the feminine and it always brings me back to balance with emotions and my vision.

Dance is how I have healed myself and processed trauma on my own. And it’s been a way to share with others what I have gone through and how I have moved through it, without using a single word.

Jade Eye Moon

Tell us about your life in the forest.

It’s slow and I used to hate that word until I started finding new parts of myself in the stillness. It inspires me to become part of nature so I move like the forest around me and with the seasons. I feel like it’s an important natural way to bring balance back to in a world that demands us to be on go all the time.

I have a lot of time to focus on my art, to focus on music, playing guitar, visioning up concepts of my wildest dreams and spending time in nature healing. My favorite part is that it gives me the most psychic space I’ve ever had, which is the complete polarity from LA and California where I have lived the majority of my life. 

Living so far out in the forest allows me to think freely, be exactly who I want to be, grow my roots, and then show up in the world from this space. My intention in moving out here was to re-connect to my message and the reason I make art in the first place, and I can definitely say that I have grown such deep roots with that intention since I’ve been here. It’s funny what doing less and simplicity can bring into your life sometimes.

I can always return to nature to ground back in to who I am at the center of my soul. 

How would you describe your style?

I’d say my style would be a mix of all my favorite things. It’s sort of like;

belly dance, ancient Mexican culture, women from ancient times, snakes & honey, surreal imagery, the desert, temple dance, sand dunes, ancient future, nature sounds, old clay pots, high fashion, dripping gold, swimming in the ocean on a full moon type of art.

Jade Eye Moon