Women's Circles - Part 2

Text and images by Ashlee Symington of Wild Coast Wellbeing.

How do women's circles work?

Just imagine stepping into warm room filled with candlelight, a fire flickering, gentle music filling the air and a close circle of women welcoming you. Women who you’ve cried, laughed and experienced miracles with. Women you’ve felt safe enough to share your deepest heart with. Women who’ve known how to lift you up when you lost your way and help you step into your power when you forgot your magnificence. And as the weight of loneliness falls away, you start to see yourself… really see yourself for who it is you truly are, what it is you deeply want and the difference you are here to make in the world.

There are many ways to be in circle with women, from elaborately crafted ceremonies to simply using a talking stick to share in circle. Some ideas you could try:

 - Welcome each other by cleansing with smudge or rose water as you enter the scared space of your circle, this sets the intention that this is a special gathering not just another gossip fest. You might like to share a meditation, do some yoga or a craft, sing some simple chants and drum, tell stories, share food and above all love.

- If you feel that you could use some gentle sisterly support and you love the idea of joining a sacred sisterhood you might be able to find one near you on the ‘Red Tent Directory’. Or maybe you might think about starting a Women’s Circle of your own.  

- When I started ours I didn’t have any specific training, I just felt intuitively as to what felt right, read some books, sought advice from elders who had experience of women’s circles and also from The Red Tent Directory and then dived right in and began our ‘Moon Circle’ as I called it. There are some great online resources and courses to support you through the process if you feel you need that initial guidance. But personally I don’t think it’s a necessity to do a course. Be bold and brave sister!

- You don’t have to be a trained facilitator to be able to start a Women’s Circle, it’s really just about stepping into your own leadership and bringing other women together. By starting off intentionally and setting some simple boundaries for the group you can create a safe container to hold a women’s circle. 

- A good starting place is clearly stating the intention of the gathering; why you are there. And then creating some simple guidelines for your circle such as :  Always speaking with integrityand for yourself, from the I. Always aiming to follow the principles of Listening, Admiring, Modelling and Blessing when sharing. And honouring every woman’s right to be heard without interruption, Fixing, Rescuing, Advising or Projecting.

I love this quote by Don Miguel Ruiz on sharing in circle:

"Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love."

This is a really important part of a Women’s Circle: What is said in circle stays in circle. No gossiping outside the circle about anything personal that has been shared. This is what creates the safe container to hold your tender hearts as they unfold to trust and connect deeply in sisterhood.

- Developing the kind of intimacy that nurtures you in this way takes time. Meeting the same group of women monthly brings a depth and closeness that one off meetings just can’t. Start by asking your close friends to an informal women’s circle to talk through the idea, but don’t be disheartened if only one or two show up at first. It may just be you and one friend who commit to coming initially. Remember if your intention is strong and purpose pure, women will find their way to you.

Go for it! A deeply and nourishing heartfelt community awaits xx

Remember that we are the voices that can bring peace and courage to hearts in need. Trust the truth and value of your own loving voice in this world. With so much love and deep gratitude to all the women who are rising and lifting ourselves and each other up. Love & Blessings  xx Ashlee

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